My name is Dee Starr and I am the Owner/Operator, Designer/Crafter (“Chief Cook & Bottle Washer”, as my Mom used to say) of CraftDee Greeting Cards.
I wore many different “hats” in my previous career endeavors but one thing that has been consistent throughout my professional life, is the creative drive I carried since I picked up my very first crayon!
It has always been my desire to do “something more” with my creative talents and experience in the “Arts and Crafts World”.  Between wood crafting, sculpturing (wood, plaster and soft (fabric), fine arts and design, there is over 20 years of “creativity” in my portfolio which has brought forth a plethora of inspiration to a lot of my designs.
After exploring many different types of crafting, enjoying them all, I was inspired by a friend, to try my hand at creating and crafting Greeting Cards.  That thought really kind of “tickled my fancy”, especially when health issues forced me into an early retirement.
I’m the kind of gal that needs a “Busy Box”
It is my desire to deliver MORE than just a card….I want to bring the “warm and personal” touch to my clients that they can give with pride.
I like to create unique items that take, what would be an “everyday” greeting card, and turn it into something really special that your recipient will want to hold on to and/or even display …. Hence the name”KEEPSAKE“!
Although I enjoy crafting unique greeting cards and keepsakes that you just don’t see on the “shelves” in your everyday department/drug stores, etc., it is very important for me not to  just “do” something “different”… it has to be the “Best” and a Top Quality product…. something that I am proud to offer and something you will be proud to give.
All my cards are hand cut and assembled using high quality, many types and textures of card stock, acid free adhesives and some of the finest products for my enhancements.
I often purchase the artwork and graphics that I use to create my cards from a variety of artists and graphic designers. I also recreate/reproduce Vintage Cards and Images which kind of takes one back to days of yesteryear, reigniting the “Warm and Fuzzies”!
I am really “new” at this Blogging stuff, so I would love to hear from you if you have any questions, comments and/or suggestions.
Thank you for visiting my Blog and hope to see you at my store!


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