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Wishing Well Shaped Card

This Wishing Well shaped card is a unique style in it’s design. not only it’s Wishing Well shape but it is a Free Standing card! It features beautiful 3D Clematis cascade and glittered butterflies.

Wishing Well side viewWishing Well w Gift Card

The construction of this card that makes it “Free Standing” includes two “V” shaped inserts, one at the bottom and another mid-card for stability.  (I believe you can see the bottom insert on the side image of the Well). The body is printed and hand cut from 130 lb. heavy weight card stock and the 3D decoupage is printed on high gloss photo stock.  The card also folds flat for mailing.

I didn’t really put too much “glitz” on this one as I think the high gloss of the decoupage is enough to bring out the beauty of the Clematis cascades.  I put a tiny bit of Ice Stickles on the Butterflies and White Liquid Pearl to enhance the “rope” image going into the Well and just left it at that.  I think this would make a lovely little Keepsake to send to Mom or Grandma for Mother’s Day, Birthday or any Special Occasion!

If you would like more information on this Sweet Wishing Well Keepsake or any of my other Creations, stop by my store at

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