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One Reluctant Easter Bunny

Hey, did ya ever have one of “those” Holiday that didn’t go so well?  Yep, me too… and this was my year 😦

When my Kids and Grand-kids were little, besides Christmas, Easter was really a fun Holiday for me.  Despite the mess with coloring Easter eggs; running around during the night (after the little ones went to sleep) and hiding these “beautiful works of art” in preparation for the Big Egg Hunt Easter morning.  Shopping for clever “Stuff”to put in their baskets, in addition to the chocolate bunnies, Peeps, bubble gum eggs and whatever else would launch the kids into a “Sugar High” for a couple hours!  I remember, ushering everybody out to look for the hidden eggs, hoping that the egg hunt would bring them back down to “organized chaos”! Those were some fun times for me (and them).

Now, my kids are pushing 50 and the Grand-kids are over 21 and this year, everybody all went in separate directions; none of which were towards Grandma’s house.  So in preparation for the “non-occasion”, I picked up some baked ham at the deli, prepared a ham sandwich, added some potato chips to my plate and sat down and crafted this silly card.  Kind of says it all Ha Ha Ha!

Anyway, I did something a little different this time when I was editing the pics.  As you can see, I added descriptions of what you were actually looking at and some of the details that pictures don’t always show. I mounted the image and sentiment panels on pink card stock.  This little “Reluctant Bunny” was a fun card to make.  I get a kick out of that FACE and his “airplane” ears sticking out of the bunny suit!

Reluctant Easter BunnyReluctant Bunny Inside

To learn more about this card and my other creations, please stop by my shop at

I am curious as to your thoughts about my adding details to the picture, so feel free to leave a comment.  I would love to hear from ya.

Thanks for looking!



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