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Handling StReSs With Meditation!

Hey Kids!

Did ya ever have one of those days where you just say I gotta S T O P!… STEP BACK…TAKE A DEEP BREATH and just do something else, anything else, even if it’s wrong!!!

Yep, me too…just the other day.  Actually, I have had a couple of those days lately!

I have been trying my little heart out to breath life back into what used to be a pretty good On-line Greeting Card Business.  After experiencing the “ultimate betrayal” of not only a business partner but what I “thought” was a very close friend, I was forced to shut down the original “Store”, hence the new CraftDee Greeting Cards! 

(I spent the better part of 2016 trying to recoup not only financially but in every other way.  I don’t know if there is such a thing as “Creative Embezzlement” but I lost my equipment, supplies and money; I lost my designs, artwork AND one of my Dogs!  (yes, a living, breathing, furry “family member”)  GONE!  IN THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT!!!!)

OKAY, ENOUGH of that – it’s been a long 2016 trying to rebuild everything from scratch but I have NEVER been known as a “Quitter”!  So here I am, plugging along and like many folks, sometimes ya just have a “down” day (or two).  I try to get past those days with humor, refocusing on “sunny” things and creativity.  

This card is just a little something that made me feel a little better especially when I get my hands on my “glitter” and I can bury myself in over-the-top detailing.  I got out my “Stickle” collection and even glitzed out every polka dot on her dress with a dot of “Star Dust” glitter.  Then I could NOT leave her glasses and her glass of wine without Liquid Glass!  Even pulled out my rhinestones and gave her earrings a little “touch of cglass” (did ya get that one?).  The flowers, greeting tag and message along with the gal are all 3D and hand cut.  I raised the decoupage using a variation of thickness with foam squares.  Graphics are printed out on heavy weight photo stock and is mounted on purple card stock.

Handling Stress Front

Inside as you can see, has our gal with her drink and a nice space for a personal sentiment.

Handling Stress inside

Thanks for looking!  If  you have any questions, comments or suggestions, please feel free to leave me a message. Would love hearing from you!

See ya soon,






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