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Open Faced, Free Standing, 3D Birdcage – Multi-Occasion

Got a better pic of the card!  Still working on the other views.  I think I might need a better camera 😦
 Thought I would try something different with my NEW and truly unique Multi-Occasion card. Unfortunately, as hard as I tried, the pics don’t do this beautiful card justice 😦 (sad face). Hopefully I can get better lighting and retake the pics.

New Birdcage Pic

Anyway, here’s the scoop on this one…
This is one Unique Card/Keepsake!  It is an Open Faced, Free Standing, 3D Multi-Occasional card that is just gorgeous.
First of all, the card is constructed of special heavy weight, glossy photo stock which enables it to be free standing. The front opens up as a gate fold exposing a fancy shaped Gold glittered framed Greeting Plaque.  The birdcage features enhanced,  3D floral arrangement over the top of the card. I used color coordinated”Ice Stickles” on the flowers and leaves.   Also, feeding more into my LOVE of “GLITZ”,  take note of the detailed glitter application to each and every bar on the cage!  Underneath the front (inside) features a color coordinated blank Sentiment Panel for a personal message. (no glitz LOL)
For more info on this card and my other creations, please feel free to stop by my store


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