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“Luck of the Irish” Free Standing St. Patrick’s Day Wishes

This Free Standing St. Patrick’s Day card is absolutely one of the most uniquely detailed and stunning cards that celebrates the Irish Holiday!  The photos shown here illustrate the “Free Standing” bottom design along with the three (3) layers of decoupage that have been carefully hand cut and mounted on the card base using 3D foam square and tapes. 

The 3 layers of Decoupage was incredibly detailed and required I pay careful attention when cutting all the pieces!  Mounting the decoupage took Foam Squares by “Scrapbook Adhesives”, Foam Tape, I get rolls of mounting tape through “ULINE Products”, Dots, etc. to create the 3D effect. (I pick up these various adhesives in my travels to Hobby Lobby ♥, JoAnnes, Michaels…) 

Along with the incredible 3D effects, there is “The Glitz”!  Color Coordinated “Stickles”Glitter and “Ice Stickles”♥♥ has been used to enhance the beautiful graphics of this card.  The entire set includes a matching gift tag and choice of Greeting Tags.

For more information about this card and purchasing come visit my Store at

I guarantee you will enjoy the visit!  Thanks for Looking!



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