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Song in My Heart

Song in my Heart Valentine/Multi-Occasion Gift Set

This beautiful card set is absolutely one of my most favorite creations!  The beautiful graphics are mounted on heavy card stock and every detail of the card has been carefully enhanced with glitter and liquid pearls.  The 3D decoupage is printed on high gloss photo paper and tastefully layered on the 7-3/4 x 7-3/4 square card base.  The words on the face of this card just “says it all” about the love one has in their heart for another.   There was just something about those words that touched my heart!

“You are the song

playing softly

in my heart”

The inside of the card has a matching theme and is left blank for a personal sentiment.

This set includes a Gift tag with satin ribbon (can also double as a book mark), a matching Gift Card and a very cute matching gift basket for that little special something for your “love”.

For more information on this card and all my Lovely Greeting Cards and Keepsakes, please stop by my store at 

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