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Keys to My Heart – Valentine

Love is in the air with this 3D, Free Standing, totally glitzed out Valentine card/keepsake and matching note card/tag.

Hey, before I tell you more about this card, I wanted to mention that I have ALTERED the name of my blog to CraftDee Greeting Cards from CraftDee Handmade Cards.  I think I made all the changes/links I needed to make for the switch but I am still soooooo Green with this “blog stuff”,  I won’t know until something goes WRONG. Ugh!

Now, back to my Valentine…

This is another “free standing” Greeting Card/Keepsake.  It was originally designed to be a flat card (almost like an oversized post card) but I wanted to make it a little nicer and easy to display, if one so chooses. The card  is approximately 6-1/2″ tall and 6-1/4″ wide.              I added a “V” shaped insert to the bottom of the front and back and attached a tiny piece of double sided “pink” tape to the tops that gives it the free standing capability. The card will also fold flat for mailing.

I’ve included a matching heart shaped note card for a personal sentiment or you can add a satin ribbon and turn it into a Gift Tag. The note card measures approximately 3-3/4″ x  3-3/4″ and I include envelopes for both cards.

When I send my cards out to my clients, I place the cards in a sealed clear plastic sleeve and use bubble mailers, enforced with a piece of chip board to prevent bending and/or folding.  I would strongly suggest that if these cards were to be mailed out, that bubble mailers be used as well.

The card is printed on special heavy weight (80 lb), ultra high gloss photo paper. I have 2 sources for the photo paper

  1.  HP has a heavy weight 80 lb. photo paper
  2. Staples also has the 80 lb heavy weight photo paper.

I like the Staples brand a little better as it has plain back vs the HP paper that has “HP” printed on the back of their paper.

I used 110 lb. card stock on the “V”insert on the bottom, which gives it a sturdy stand up base. The note card is a matching heart design that I mounted on 80 lb. card stock, creating a top fold style. The main card also has 3D decoupage that I just could not let go without GLITZ!!!   Oh and I didn’t let the little note card go without a splash of sparkle too!

I have a couple more new sweet Valentine cards that are in the works and hopefully I will be posting soon.

I hope you like the card(s) and if you have any  questions, suggestions or ideas, please feel free to leave a comment.




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