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Unique Traditional Santa

Hi Everybody!

It has been a while since I last blogged.  Life happened and mine became really chaotic   starting with the Fall and Winter Holiday Seasons.  Health issues reared their ugly heads and I found myself back in Physical Therapy …again.

I did however manage to create several Christmas Cards for Family and Friends and I wanted to share one of my absolute favorite Christmas Creations with you all.   My “Traditional Santa” is one of a collection of  unique styles that I worked with this season.  Santa is a “free standing” Greeting Card, actually more of a Keepsake that can be displayed at future Christmas Seasons.  The card is NOT a standard size card, as it is approximately 10″ tall. So because of it’s size,  I created a “V” shaped insert to the bottom of the front and back and attached a tiny piece of double sided “pink” tape to the tops, which gives it a free standing option to be displayed with your favorite Holiday decorations.  The card will also fold flat for mailing.

Now for the “special” stuff…

The entire card is printed on special heavy weight (80 lb), ultra high gloss photo paper and I used 110 lb. card stock on the “V”insert on the bottom, which gives it a sturdy stand up base. The card also has 3D decoupage that I just could not let go without GLITZ!!!  So I pulled out my huge collection of Stickles (glitter glue) and Ice Stickles along with some rhinestones and enhanced the entire front of the card!  Hence my nickname “The Glitz Queen”!  It turned out to be absolutely stunning and the recipient of the card, who is also a special client of mine, could not say enough great things about it!  It is now their favorite!!

In addition to the Keepsake card, I included a matching sentiment/gift card that is also done on High Gloss Photo paper and mounted on metallic card stock.  This gave me the opportunity to send along a personal message in addition to the Christmas Greeting Tag that is mounted on the front of the Keepsake card.

The pics will give you an idea of the construction and enhancements that I made to the card and I hope you like it.

(This Keepsake card was handcrafted using graphics supplied by AssnezanaDesign)


2 thoughts on “Unique Traditional Santa

    1. Thank you! I made several Christmas cards for family and friends using the same “free standing” concept and graphics that matched their individual life styles/interests. Would you believe that I got so caught up with making the cards, I gave them away BEFORE I took pics of them!!!!Dahhhh.

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