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Happy Fall Ya’ll

This has always been a fun time of year for me and my family (when they were little guys and gals). Then it was even MORE fun for Grandma when the Grandkids came along!!

Before I got into the Greeting Card business, I used to do wood art which involved everything “wood” from scroll sawing ornaments, wall decorations and yard art!  I even got pretty good with the band saw,a table saw, drills, planers, sanders and all the other fun machinery AND… I didn’t even loose one appendage!  The real fun came when I would hand paint everything and decorate the yard!

I used to get a big kick out of watching the little Trick or Treaters, moms and dads surprised faces when they would see huge playful ghosts and scary witches, bats, head stones and even “Dracula Cow”!

Unfortunately, a couple of “pesky” health issues slowed me down a little BUT I wasn’t going to give up “Creating” all together so I switched gears and went from wood to paper… Greeting Cards and Keepsakes for All Occasions evolved and here are a couple of my  Halloween contributions.

Time to get ready for our Trick or Treaters with some cute Halloween cards for that Special Little “Scary” Person!

More details on these sweet cards can be found, along with much, much more fun items in my store at

Feel free to leave a comment/suggestion or any questions below.



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