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Wishing Well Shaped Card

This Wishing Well shaped card is a unique style in it’s design. not only it’s Wishing Well shape but it is a Free Standing card! It features beautiful 3D Clematis cascade and glittered butterflies.

Wishing Well side viewWishing Well w Gift Card

The construction of this card that makes it “Free Standing” includes two “V” shaped inserts, one at the bottom and another mid-card for stability.  (I believe you can see the bottom insert on the side image of the Well). The body is printed and hand cut from 130 lb. heavy weight card stock and the 3D decoupage is printed on high gloss photo stock.  The card also folds flat for mailing.

I didn’t really put too much “glitz” on this one as I think the high gloss of the decoupage is enough to bring out the beauty of the Clematis cascades.  I put a tiny bit of Ice Stickles on the Butterflies and White Liquid Pearl to enhance the “rope” image going into the Well and just left it at that.  I think this would make a lovely little Keepsake to send to Mom or Grandma for Mother’s Day, Birthday or any Special Occasion!

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Cup of Pansies

Darling Cup of Pansies card is really unique for that Special Person in your life.  I think this one would be a perfect card for Mother’s Day….thinking Grandma would love this one especially.

My Grandma used to have a huge Teacup & Saucer Collection along with a Salt and Pepper Collection, back in the day.  She used to display her “favorites” on her beautiful doilies she would crochet.  I would spend hours as a little girl looking at all of the pretty things she had in this giant China Cabinet.  The cabinet alone was a gorgeous piece of furniture!  Okay, that was a little “Blast from the Past”!

Now, back to this card.  It’s a 3D, top fold and free standing with a touch of “wobble” card!  I say wobble because the saucer being round, the card base is just a tad “round”.

The total card has been lined with a beautiful matching lavender patterned card stock and the design, with decoupage, has been printed on heavy high gloss photo stock.

Cup of Pansies Description
Pointing out some Decoupage items not always captured in a picture.

The pansies, teacup and greeting plaque are all raised with various thickness of foam squares.  Because of the high gloss photo stock that I printed the images on, I just used a touch of Ice Stickles on the leaves and butterflies as shown in the pic above.

Cup of Pansies - butterfly panel
Created a die cut butterfly on pale lavender card stock for the Sentiment Panel

The original design of the card had a pale lavender pattern as a liner, which I love but I just couldn’t see writing a personal Sentiment over the pattern.  Sooooo, I pulled out my Silhouette and created a die cut butterfly design panel using solid light lavender card stock.

Cup of Pansies Butterfly panel desc
Pointing out the Lavender Stickle glitter I used to outline the Butterfly Sentiment Panel

I fussy cut the pansy and butterfly (actually the entire card is hand cut) and positioned them slightly over the sentiment panel.  Of course, the “Glitz Queen” came out and I just had to outline the panel with Lavender Stickles glitter.  I did manage to control “her majesty” from glitzing the pansy and butterfly!  Whewwww, that was a tough one!  LOL

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Black Enamel Teapot & Edwardian Roses Perfect for Mother’s Day Wishes

Here is another one of my favorites!  This card is actually a Multi-occasion card but I think it is ideal for a Mother’s Day Wish.

It’s a 3D (multi-layered decoupage) card and is beautifully enhanced with liquid Pearl and Ice glitter.  Even the little Teapot Greeting tags have been outlined with Platinum Gold glitter.

Inside has matching themed sentiment panel for that “Special” message to Mom, Grandmother, Daughter or whomever.

Blk Teapot Set DescriptionBlk Teapot w Edwardian Roses inside

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One Reluctant Easter Bunny

Hey, did ya ever have one of “those” Holiday that didn’t go so well?  Yep, me too… and this was my year 😦

When my Kids and Grand-kids were little, besides Christmas, Easter was really a fun Holiday for me.  Despite the mess with coloring Easter eggs; running around during the night (after the little ones went to sleep) and hiding these “beautiful works of art” in preparation for the Big Egg Hunt Easter morning.  Shopping for clever “Stuff”to put in their baskets, in addition to the chocolate bunnies, Peeps, bubble gum eggs and whatever else would launch the kids into a “Sugar High” for a couple hours!  I remember, ushering everybody out to look for the hidden eggs, hoping that the egg hunt would bring them back down to “organized chaos”! Those were some fun times for me (and them).

Now, my kids are pushing 50 and the Grand-kids are over 21 and this year, everybody all went in separate directions; none of which were towards Grandma’s house.  So in preparation for the “non-occasion”, I picked up some baked ham at the deli, prepared a ham sandwich, added some potato chips to my plate and sat down and crafted this silly card.  Kind of says it all Ha Ha Ha!

Anyway, I did something a little different this time when I was editing the pics.  As you can see, I added descriptions of what you were actually looking at and some of the details that pictures don’t always show. I mounted the image and sentiment panels on pink card stock.  This little “Reluctant Bunny” was a fun card to make.  I get a kick out of that FACE and his “airplane” ears sticking out of the bunny suit!

Reluctant Easter BunnyReluctant Bunny Inside

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Handling StReSs With Meditation!

Hey Kids!

Did ya ever have one of those days where you just say I gotta S T O P!… STEP BACK…TAKE A DEEP BREATH and just do something else, anything else, even if it’s wrong!!!

Yep, me too…just the other day.  Actually, I have had a couple of those days lately!

I have been trying my little heart out to breath life back into what used to be a pretty good On-line Greeting Card Business.  After experiencing the “ultimate betrayal” of not only a business partner but what I “thought” was a very close friend, I was forced to shut down the original “Store”, hence the new CraftDee Greeting Cards! 

(I spent the better part of 2016 trying to recoup not only financially but in every other way.  I don’t know if there is such a thing as “Creative Embezzlement” but I lost my equipment, supplies and money; I lost my designs, artwork AND one of my Dogs!  (yes, a living, breathing, furry “family member”)  GONE!  IN THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT!!!!)

OKAY, ENOUGH of that – it’s been a long 2016 trying to rebuild everything from scratch but I have NEVER been known as a “Quitter”!  So here I am, plugging along and like many folks, sometimes ya just have a “down” day (or two).  I try to get past those days with humor, refocusing on “sunny” things and creativity.  

This card is just a little something that made me feel a little better especially when I get my hands on my “glitter” and I can bury myself in over-the-top detailing.  I got out my “Stickle” collection and even glitzed out every polka dot on her dress with a dot of “Star Dust” glitter.  Then I could NOT leave her glasses and her glass of wine without Liquid Glass!  Even pulled out my rhinestones and gave her earrings a little “touch of cglass” (did ya get that one?).  The flowers, greeting tag and message along with the gal are all 3D and hand cut.  I raised the decoupage using a variation of thickness with foam squares.  Graphics are printed out on heavy weight photo stock and is mounted on purple card stock.

Handling Stress Front

Inside as you can see, has our gal with her drink and a nice space for a personal sentiment.

Handling Stress inside

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Another Beautiful Blue Porcelain Birdcage!


This one is a beauty (as was the last Birdcage) but totally different style, different design.  Perfect for Mother’s Day, Birthdays, Get Well, etc. and the Free Standing design transforms a card into a Keepsake which can be displayed as part of your home decor.

This lovely Multi-Occasion Birdcage shaped Card has very detailed hand cut floral decoupage. Pictures 3and 4 (from top to bottom) highlight the layers along with the “free standing” element on the bottom. The decoupage has been generously enhanced with Ice Glitter and Liquid Pearl.

The revere side of the card has a spacious Sentiment area to add a personal message and a choice of Greeting Plaques that can be added to the ribbon banner above the Sentiment area.

Note:Each of my cards are handcrafted and I also accept custom orders and will gladly personalize a card for you at no extra cost.  (There is a “Personal Sentiment” Option on  where you can specify your personal message in the box I have provided.)

The graphics have been printed on Special Heavy Wt, High Gloss Photo stock, measures Approx. 7-3/4″ x 7-1/2″ and folds flat for mailing.  Included is a birdcage shaped Gift Card and both come sealed in a clear plastic sleeve along with an envelope for the card.

All my cards are mailed out in bubble envies and reinforced with chip board panels to keep them from getting bent up during the mailing process. I would strongly suggest if mailing the cards that this same process is followed to prevent any damage during the mailing process.

I am now offering a 10% discount off any order that is good until April 2nd, 2017.  Further details can be seen on the store upon check out.  Come check out this great deal!

Let me know what ya think and if you have any questions…. I enjoy getting comments, feed backs and suggestions.

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Open Faced, Free Standing, 3D Birdcage – Multi-Occasion

Got a better pic of the card!  Still working on the other views.  I think I might need a better camera 😦
 Thought I would try something different with my NEW and truly unique Multi-Occasion card. Unfortunately, as hard as I tried, the pics don’t do this beautiful card justice 😦 (sad face). Hopefully I can get better lighting and retake the pics.

New Birdcage Pic

Anyway, here’s the scoop on this one…
This is one Unique Card/Keepsake!  It is an Open Faced, Free Standing, 3D Multi-Occasional card that is just gorgeous.
First of all, the card is constructed of special heavy weight, glossy photo stock which enables it to be free standing. The front opens up as a gate fold exposing a fancy shaped Gold glittered framed Greeting Plaque.  The birdcage features enhanced,  3D floral arrangement over the top of the card. I used color coordinated”Ice Stickles” on the flowers and leaves.   Also, feeding more into my LOVE of “GLITZ”,  take note of the detailed glitter application to each and every bar on the cage!  Underneath the front (inside) features a color coordinated blank Sentiment Panel for a personal message. (no glitz LOL)
For more info on this card and my other creations, please feel free to stop by my store